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A response to an offer to enter into a contract, changing some of the terms of the

original offer. A counter offer is a rejection of the offer (not a form of acceptance), and does not

create a binding contract unless accepted by the original offeror.

A common occurrence in the home buying process, as it allows for negotiation to take place between the buyer and seller. When a buyer makes an initial offer on a home, the seller may respond with a counteroffer that adjusts the terms of the sale, such as the price, contingencies, or closing timeline. This back-and-forth exchange can occur several times before an agreement is reached, or the parties may decide to walk away from the deal altogether. It's important for both parties to be open to compromise and communicate their needs and expectations clearly to avoid misunderstandings. As a real estate assistant, I have seen firsthand how successful negotiations can result in a final sale that satisfies both the buyer and seller's goals.

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