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  • Laura Johnson

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Housing Advocate Hoping to Reform the Housing Market

Allow me to introduce myself as a professional Real Estate Agent newly licensed in Pennsylvania.

Specializing in First Time Home Buyer Credit Restoration and Financial Literacy Coaching, I am a member of the Tri-County Suburban Realtors®, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®, and the National Association of Realtors®. I work with my small, independent, local brokerage team to serve Delaware County clients seeking Residential, Commercial, Property Management, and Mixed-Use Real Estate client needs.

Building upon my experience as a Real Estate/Mortgage industry Lead Generation Specialist and Case Manager for the homeless population, my professional mission is to provide "outside of the box" solutions for the lack of current housing inventory. As a newly licensed professional real estate agent who works with renters, buyers, sellers, property managers, investors, and small business owners, my passion and talent for blog writing highlight current market trends that answer commonly asked questions. Whether looking to move soon or in a few years, I aim to help others make the best, most informed decisions for their unique needs.

Why I Became a REALTOR®

In 2023 I became a Licensed REALTOR® with CORE Property Management in Aston, Pennsylvania, after spending three years working remotely as a Talent Acquisition Specialist/Lead Generation Manager for the Real Estate and Mortgage industry in all 50 states.​ Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, I enjoyed a tremendously rewarding career as a case manager for the at-risk homeless population. ​

As a single mother and sole provider, I fully understand the frustration of being approved for a home when life blindsides us with situations beyond our control (such as job losses, medical bills, and divorce).​ But unfortunately, having less than an ideal credit score is a challenge that too many of us face, struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

Abraham Maslow identified shelter as physiologically necessary for our survival (equal to food, water, and air) in his theory of human motivation.​ My mission is to encourage others to think outside the box with real estate, as the concept of promoting housing scarcity to increase the values of properties no longer serves us as a human collective, purposely traps too many individuals in toxic cycles of poverty, and is a root cause of anxiety, depression, and much other psychological distress.

The time has come for us to overcome the housing crisis by tapping into our creative energies, realizing that the universe provides enough abundance for everyone, and finding ways to create alternative housing concepts without decreasing property values.

​Many realtors & loan officers don't care about their turndowns during market upturns. They have plenty of business coming in, and all is good. My job is to help promote adaptation to market downturns as real estate economies fluctuate. In my professional experience in the real estate/mortgage industry and as a case manager for the homeless population, the ethics of enabling colleagues within my network to build a future client base is at the core of my being!

First-Time Home Ownership Credit Restoration + Financial Literacy Program

Our First Time Home Ownership Program through United Weath Education is superior to alternative credit repair & settlement programs. Here are a few examples of why:

  • We are not a credit repair or debt settlement organization. We are a CREDIT RESTORATION & FINANCIAL LITERACY company with financial, credit, lending, and real estate experience, making us unique and far superior to our competitors.

  • We offer the resources, tools, and support network to educate prospective first-time home buyers for faster mortgage pre-approval.

  • Improving credit is just one element of becoming ready for mortgage pre-approval. Working with UWE ensures you help in all the critical areas.

  • Speed. Clients can be loan-ready in as little as 30-90 days. Individual cases vary.

  • Our Financial Agents have 50+ years of collective experience in credit, real estate, mortgage lending & problem-solving.

  • Financial coaching, budgeting advice, and credit planning are the keys to wealth and abundance.

  • We offer a unique educational-based program on becoming a homeowner, which goes far beyond just improving credit.

  • UWE does business in all 50 states & has an A+ rating. We offer an online portal to track your progress in REAL-TIME.

Strengthening Areas of Local Redevelopment in DELCO

Delaware County and Philadelphia are great places to work and live. Having grown up across the Delaware River in Collingswood, I moved from South Jersey to the tight-knit community of Eddystone in 2022, which I now proudly call home. I decided to start the journey of becoming a licensed REALTOR® in Pennsylvania after being laid off during the Silicon Valley tech startup company cutbacks. My passion and mission are to coach clients in adapting to circumstances beyond our control, such as market upturns, downturns, and everything in between.​

My goal isn't just to earn wealth quickly and easily by working exclusively with Seasoned Buyers, Sellers, and Property Managers. Also seeking to purchase my first home shortly, I would love for you to join me in the First Time Home Buyer's journey! ​In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends, traveling to new places, relaxing on the beach, swimming, camping, enjoying nature, meditation, yoga, spirituality, and spending as much time as I can to help strengthen the Delco Community.

The experiences and wisdom learned on my journey continue to inspire me each day as a REALTOR® who values creativity, hard work, patience, and persistence; All the more reason for us to connect!

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